Group Life Coaching

Group life coaching brings the one-on-one coaching experience into a small group setting. It offers the benefit of peer learning and a collective wisdom that can be drawn upon by each member. This adds the extra dynamic of group motivation techniques that could be as helpful to a client as the interaction with the coach themselves. Many clients find that the group method allows more time to reflect and apply their insights because the focus is spread evenly between the group. This makes people feel like there is less of a “blinding spotlight.”


Group Motivation Techniques


Everyone is motivated by different aspects of their situation. Discussing motivation as a group can be tremendously helpful by nurturing trust and engagement. It is the cornerstone of successfully changing your life. Without motivation there is no desire for change. The life coach’s role is to assemble an environment where the inner drives of each client is coaxed out from the shadows. No one can motivate anyone to do anything—it must come from within.


What many people think of as motivation is instead inspiration. The two often dance closely together, but there is a clear difference between them. Inspiration comes from the outside and motivation from within. You can be inspired to change yourself by experiencing some external influence, which then translates into your own personal motive.  Simply put, inspiration breeds motivation. 


In a group setting, learning from communal experience can help you find your motivation. Multiple agendas are at play in group sessions that can help to inform you of strategies that have benefited others. Learning the ways in which another individual has dealt with a similar situation can advise your own course of action. If collaboration with others sounds like an effective way to change your life, then group life coaching may be for you.