Life Change Coaching

Perhaps you feel like you’ve been doing the same thing for so long, you don’t even know what it would be like to do something else.  You’re nearing the midpoint of life and beginning to feel the effects of a stale career. This intersection in life typically leaves people feeling emotionally empty, physically drained, or just plain bored.  Changing careers later in life, for example, can be loaded with difficulties and deters many from reaching beyond their comfort zone. But that is where you’ll find the largest rewards—along the frontiers where courage and fear conspire.


Comfortability can be a great boon to a general sense of stability in life—and it is important to feel that—but it can also be the anchor holding you down. As an expert in change coaching, I suggest resisting the urge to find a quick fix and instead devote adequate time to pondering the tough questions.  Making a move before considering the potential impact of your decisions can lead to unforeseen circumstances that may negatively impact your family and loved ones—so it is best to thoroughly map and prepare a course of action.


As your life change coach, I will help you architect changes for your life. You will learn how to live fully with everything you carry with you, to leave behind the anchors that hold you down, and move forward confidently and securely.  It is entirely normal to feel a bit of fear before making any large leap.  As you begin making progress and noticing improvements, that fear will become excitement, which will then produce motivation for further progress. 


Something new is waiting for you with change coaching— the transformation you dream of is possible!