Traci Clarida
Inspiring Others

Influenced by Deepak Chopra's writings on leadership, I chose "inspire" as my mantra. Or, maybe I should say, "inspire" chose me.  I am inspired to raise people up, to help them see their unique abilities and gifts, to empower them to believe in themselves and accomplish hard things.

I decided years ago that I want to be the kind of person whose energy is contagious and spreads positivity to those around  me. Not because of egotistical reasons but because the world needs more love, compassion, and optimism.  

Having spent many years in higher education as an instructor and advisor, I had the wonderful opportunity to inspire students to stay the course, study hard, and obtain meaningful employment upon completion of their education.  I was an avid cheerleader offering encouragement, consolation, and a listening ear.  


As a Change Facilitator, I am privileged to enjoy a front row seat to my clients' growth and accomplishments.  Through the transformative process of coaching, my clients learn to see to the heart of a matter, implement steps to overcome obstacles and complete goals, and thus attain personal and professional success.  


University of Phoenix

Master of Science in Psychology (M.S.)

Brigham Young University

Bachelor of Science in Psychology (B.S.)


Massage Therapist (5026934-4701)

State of Utah