Project Completion Coaching

You know “that” project?  Yeah, that one…the one you keep procrastinating. When it comes to tackling those large projects that seem impossible, you need to have a solid plan. Project completion coaching can help you define the scope of your project in a way that reduces it to basic components and steps. The goals should be specific enough to have a clear indication of when they are completed. If one of the project priorities is to alter an existing situation, define that situation so that you have something concrete to compare at the end. If the goals are too vague, you won’t know exactly when a goal has been completed. It is essential to understand your current progress and how much more must be done. 


Project motivation can be a major obstacle to overcome. With a qualified project completion coach, you will work to identify your true motivations and learn how to fully utilize them.  Motivation often comes from experiencing cognitive dissonance – the psychological stress we feel when we hold two or more contradictory views, values, or ideas about our world and ourselves.  This dissonance serves as motivation to escape feelings of confusion and discomfort and instead seek internal consistency.  Therefore, to boost project motivation, it’s important to establish the difference between your present state and your desires for the future.  


Together, we’ll work through your project by setting goals, timelines, and check lists.  It will be done before you know it and you’ll have gained valuable skills you can use for the next “that” project.