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What is this "coaching" stuff, anyway?

You might be asking, “What is this ‘coaching’ stuff anyway?” And, that is a very good question!

Although coaching falls within the realm of “helping” professions, coaching is not psychotherapy. There are aspects of coaching that are aligned with humanistic psychology in that they “share basic philosophical assumptions centered on clients’ driving forces for positive change” (Stober as cited in Abravanel & Gavin, 2017, p. 24). The difference, however, is that psychotherapy aims to lessen dysfunction whereas coaching is directed toward future growth.

As defined by Biswas-Diener (2009), “Personal coaching is a professional relationship in which coaches work with clients to facilitate experiential learning and improve functioning and performance, often in the context of working toward specific goals” (p. 544).

What does that mean?

It means that you and I, together, will discover your goals and the reasons they are important to you. We’ll put together a plan of action specific to your personality and performance style, which includes a system of accountability whereby you can measure your success. You will learn how to marshal the personal resources you already possess and discover your own greatness!

How does it work?

We’ll meet one-on-one in person or in a virtual space for approximately an hour each session. How many sessions we enjoy together and how often we meet depends on you. We will customize a plan that suits your budget and your needs.

What is the result?

You determine the results because only you can decide what constitutes accomplishment and success. I will tell you that if you stay focused on your goals, put in the work and hold yourself accountable, you will triumph over any challenges and be empowered for future success!

Are you ready to make meaningful changes and “get stuff done”?

I’d love to hear from you and answer any of your questions!


Biswas-Diener, R. (2009). Personal coaching as a positive intervention. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 65(5), 544-553.

Abravanel, M., & Gavin, J. (2017, February). Exploring the evolution of coaching through the lens of innovation. International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring, 15(1), 24-41.


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