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Follow the Path Your Soul is Unfolding

I just finished reading Deepak Chopra’s book The Soul of Leadership. I wish I could pinpoint exactly why his teachings resonate so deeply with me but, really, it’s not important why, it’s only important that they do. I gleaned so many insightful gems but this one shown brighter than the rest for me and I want to share it with all of you.

Chopra (2010) stated, “I don’t need to focus on what another person feels about me; my aim isn’t to make friends with everyone. Instead, I am here to evolve and follow the path my soul is unfolding day by day” (p. 145).

How many of us are guilty of trying to please everyone around us – making decisions based on what we feel like we are “supposed” to be doing? We don’t want to let someone down or we don’t want to show our authentic selves, or…..the list goes on. Chopra (2010) provides a simple solution - follow our soul’s path one day at a time. Today, then tomorrow, then the next day. We don’t need to have our entire life’s path or even next week’s or next year’s path firmly set. We only need to listen to our soul - today.

Listening to our soul is a lost skill for many of us. Maybe we’ve spent years raising a family and/or building a career only to realize we’re not where we want to be or we’ve lost our direction. Perhaps it’s the discovery that our belief system no longer fits our ideal self and we’re searching for a new “truth.” Although rediscovering one’s soul can seem like an overwhelming challenge, I’ve learned that listening to the soul simply means following one’s intuition and then being brave enough to act on its promptings. Sometimes we’re prompted to do nothing and that can be a challenge because we’re used to being busy making things happen. Being still, and then listening, is often the most difficult action!

Tuning into our intuition means paying attention to the quiet inklings we get about things. I’m not talking about listening when anxiety and the devil on our shoulder has us all up in a tizzy. I’m talking about the little things like, “I need to check in with my adult son today. I’m not sure why but I’m going to do it anyway.” Or, the feeling we get when we’re following a path that feels completely wrong but we keep doing it anyway because we’re afraid to do something different. Or, better yet, the peace we experience when we aren’t quite sure why we feel peaceful but we know we’re headed in the right direction. The more we go down that path the more insight we gain and the more we trust our intuition. We feel and we know, somehow, someway, we’re doing the right thing. It’s about believing that the Universe has our best interests in mind and we only need to trust it, and more importantly, trust ourselves aka our souls to make good decisions.

What do you do to listen to your soul?


Chopra, D. (2010). The soul of leadership: unlocking your potential for greatness. New York, NY: Harmony Books.


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