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Embrace your SASSY!

These are my SASSY socks. I love them! When I wear them, I am “super”empowered! They remind me of an unassuming Clark Kent who is ready to burst out of his business suit at a moment’s notice to save the world as Superman.

I’ve always been a fan of strong individuals (real and imaginary) who challenge the status quo, stand up for truth and right, and who are overall bada**es. My favorite super hero, of course, is “Won-der Wo-man!” (If you didn’t sing that in your head, click here

What does it mean to Embrace Your SASSY? It means…

Being brave and fearless

You know those life defining experiences? The ones where you think, “WTH – I’m doing this!” These are the opportunities that challenge our courage, forge fortitude, and nurture grit. In my 9th grade P.E. class, we’d play War Ball every Friday and I hated it! I was a horrible player and always one of the last people picked for teams. One day, I’d had enough! I determined I was no longer going to get picked last, I was going to get picked first. I got super aggressive and turned on the offense. I overcame my fear of getting hit by the boys’ fast balls, and bravely decided that I could be as good as them at the game. And, I was!

Sometimes being SASSY is simply a matter of getting fed up enough to not care what other people think or feel about you, and going out there and kicking some SASSY a**!

Being rebellious (as long as it doesn’t cause harm)

I like to blame my parents for my rebellious nature. (If one of your parents was a hippy and the other a 1% biker, wouldn’t you too? Thank you; I rest my case.) Being rebellious means doing you, regardless. It’s having the gumption to act in accordance with your natural spirit - as long as it doesn’t cause harm to others. It means questioning authority at work, at home, at church or wherever you see the need for change. It’s asking hard questions and challenging the overused “Because that’s the way we’ve always done it.”

It could mean being labeled a PITA…but wouldn’t you rather be known as that than milquetoast? I would!

Being unique

It goes without saying that those who embrace their SASSY are unique. My husband likes to joke, “I’m a unique individual, just like everybody else.” So clever! Being unique means challenging the norm, going against the grain, and boldly expressing your authentic self.

Doing what you want

A friend used to tell me, “Girl, you’re grown!” It was a gentle reminder that I don’t need anyone’s permission to be myself or to do what I want. Occasionally, I’ll find myself wanting to “fit in” or seeking my parents’ approval (yes, even at my age). When I start feeling this way, I remember “I’m grown!”

Embracing your preferences

This runs the gamut from clothing, to spirituality, to sexuality. Whatever your preferences – do them! Do them fearlessly with style!

How do you embrace your SASSY?

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