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Judgment: Part II - Making a Commitment to Stop

Maybe you read my first post about judgment. If you haven’t, read it here:

Judgment: Part II (this post) was inspired last week as I relaxed on the beach at Stirrup Cay, Bahamas (I know, feel sorry for me….ha!). As I sat there with my husband, silently judging other women as to who should be seen in a bikini and who shouldn’t, I checked myself and thought about what I had written in my first Judgment post. I told you, the reader, when you are tempted to judge: “You can start by asking, ‘Where is this coming from?’ And then, make a commitment to do something about it.”

I took my own advice and decided I would start looking at women on the beach and determine something positive about them. Of course, I knew none of them, so I couldn’t say, “Oh, she has a kind heart.” or “She’s a successful entrepreneur.” However, I could make positive superficial observations such as, “Wow, she’s confident. Look at her rocking that thong!” And, “She has incredible hair. Look how it curls up so nicely in the humidity.” I determined I want to start being more like this all the time. I want to start picking out positive things in people rather than picking them apart to make myself feel better. Maybe I’ll even go out in public in a bikini. It’s doubtful, but maybe I can stop judging myself long enough to do it.

And this, ladies, is where my judgment began. I’m not confident in a bikini, therefore, anyone else who is confident enough to wear one is someone of whom I jealous. That’s right! I’m jealous of the girls who confidently rock a bikini. I can justify away my jealousy by telling myself that women my age should dress more conservatively or that I was raised it’s best to be modest and cover up. But, in reality, I want to be one of the babes in Bay Watch! The key point is that I was judging others based on my personal insecurity.

Am I ever going to rock a bikini in public? Maybe, maybe not but I can stop judging people who do.

THIS is my commitment to do something about it!

What will you do to be less judgmental?


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